Chicken sandwiches that are easy,
inexpensive and delicious

You have likely searched the Internet looking for the perfect shredded chicken recipe.
At first glance, some may seem promising, but none of them measure up to the creamy chicken sandwiches you remember from the family gatherings and graduation parties of your childhood.

Now that you have found Gertie’s Food Company, LLC, your search is finally over! For two generations, our family has been perfecting a shredded chicken sandwich recipe that is easy, inexpensive and mouthwateringly delicious.


YEARS as the #1

selling menu item

Since the 1970s, creamy chicken sandwiches have been served at our family-owned restaurant in Bryan, Ohio. Although we never placed them officially on our menu, they quickly became our number one selling product. From single sandwiches to large orders for parties and potlucks, our shredded chicken sandwiches became the best-kept secret in our local community.

 In 2021, we decided to share that secret with the world and established Gertie’s Food Company, LLC.

From our kitchen to yours

What began as a family-loved recipe in our home can now be offered in yours. Gertie’s shredded chicken sandwich
recipe only requires two ingredients. Our shredded chicken sandwich gravy mix, combined with boiling water, and 50 oz of shredded chicken are all you need for a recipe that will have everyone coming back for more.

Our shredded chicken sandwich recipe is so easy it has proven to be the perfect menu item for restaurants, school cafeterias, caterers, food trucks and concession stands. It has also been known to make routine appearances at graduation parties, reunions, office parties and weddings.

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